The Last Days of Ilam

First Day (The Seige of Stoneybrook)

The drow have led over a hundred halfling townspeople into a field outside of town and tied them to stakes in the ground. As the party and their allies approach the drow release giant spiders, who proceed to tear the townspeople apart. It is a brutal display which shakes the morale of the party’s forces.

Not only this but the mercenaries have chained many townspeople to the wooden palisade around the town. Careless action or bombardment will have a terrible cost.

Rolen rouses the troops with a speech and orders Sven to begin bombarding the mercenary positions. The first day of battle begins.

The lines push back and forth outside of town, neither side gaining a clear advantage. The party manages to kill Kurtis’s battle priest Harken Olar. This creates an opening in the lines and they advance towards the town gate.

Lethris Ulshar call upon he most powerful ally, the red dragon Xecorra Darkfire. With the dragons aid the party’s forces are pushed back away from the gates.

The first day is mostly a draw. The party has advanced nearer to the gates but has taken significant losses. The plan for the next day is clear, they must bring down Xecorra or they will stand no chance of entering Stoneybrook.



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