The Last Days of Ilam

Into the Waste

On a hunch the party decides to travel east to the ruins of the dragon city of Belsis in search of aid or artifacts.

The journey is long but eventually they reach the ruins of the great city. The party enters into what used to be the city harbor. Among the ships smashed by the cataclysm the are hunted by undead. Some scouting by Rolan reveals an army of undead and necromancers is digging up the ruins. They seem to be searching for something in particular in addition to loading up all of the dessicated corpses they find onto large wagons.

In an effort to evade the undead horde the party finds it way into the city sewers. In the sewer the party encounters the ghost of Malek Silverwing. Malek has roamed the ruins of the city underground since he was killed there on the Day of Cataclysm. Malek explains that in life he was the guardian of the Mage Architect Emari. He attempted to flee with his master through the sewers but was crushed when the tunnel collapsed. Emari was attempting to flee with the secret of the Belsis Vault. Malek’s spirit remains until he can pass the Vault on to someone so he agrees to help the party find it.



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