The Last Days of Ilam

Siege of Stoneybrook

Sven has amassed a significant army and has been striking back against the mercenaries. The party decided to go after the leaders of the Iron Collar company. They manage to eliminate several of Kutis’s officers and Rolen manages to infiltrate the main camp. There he learns the Kurtis has hired the Velvet Dagger, a band of exiled drow mercenaries, led by the ruthless Lethris Ulshar.

Rolen shadows Kurtis Levin into his base of operations, a bank in the northern part of town. Kurtis’s private office is in the banks vault, there Rolen observes that Kurtis does not sleep or eat. He finds a magic correspondence box, with the following note:


I am well aware of Strahd’s useless machinations and plans regarding the Tyvor Empire. But as you are aware, his influence no longer holds in the tower given his recent failures. Our plans no longer require the service of these pitiful mortals.

When the drow we have provided to you arrive, you are to wipe the halflings out and return.

Second Mage, Tan Lin

Rolen and Rangrim depart for Tyvor City to once again seek the aid of Rene Dovaram. Fred and the Guardian make battle plans with Sven. The drow arrive in 5 days, they must be ready to take back the town. Renee assembles his best men and heads south with Herbert Morlan. They arrive a day before the drow.

Unexpectedly Connor MacEwan and his scouting force arrive that evening, they have read Fred’s call for assitance.

The following morning the Siege of Stoneybrook begins.



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