Lethris Ulshar

Leader of the Velvet Dagger


Lethris Ulshar is leader of the Velvet Dagger company of mercenaries. The Dagger is formed mainly of drow that have been banished from their homeland. Lethris has gained a reputation for being utterly ruthless, willing to do anything to fullfill her contracts. Lethris rides into battle on the back of her massive demonweb spider, Krieger.

Back in 905 Lethris held the station of Blade Captain in the drow capital city of Lloth’et. Lethris plotted with Niconia Ra’Sirda to overthrow the current queen Sevis Ra’Sirdra (Niconia’s sister). The coup succeeded, Sevis was murdered and Niconia assumed the throne. 50 years later Niconia is overthrown when Sevis’s daughter Vyrkraa Ra’Sirdra returns to Lloth’et with a massive army of mercenaries and demons. Niconia is killed but Lethris manages to escape.

Vyrkraa Ra’Sirdra has maintained a significant bounty for anyone who brings her Lethris’s head. The reward is the jewel called the Heart of the Deva, a diamond that measures nearly a foot in diameter.

Lethris Ulshar

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