Son of Bahamut


Praetarus is said to be the oldest living thing on all of Ilam. According to dargonborn legend, he is the direct son of the dragon God, Bahamut who placed him on Ilam to protect it. Praetarus is rarely seen, even among his own kind.

According to legend Praetarus is able to see into the future and that is how he learned of Azzadral’s plan in The First Tower War. Many say that Praetarus also warned King Gaelen about The Second Tower War but that Gaelen was killed before he could act. There are also legends of Praetarus appearing in 548 to stop a war between the dwarves and the orcs, saying the war would spiral out of control risk all of Ilam.

Praetarus has been sought by many in Ilam after The Cataclysm in hopes that he could explain it. However he has not been found, even the gold Progenitor Kerm does not know where he is. Many fear he is dead.



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