Tan Lin

Lich Lord of the Corpsetower


Tan Lin is an Eladrin lich and the third most prominent member of the Corpsetower. Lin is known to have many mortal offspring, which he uses to manipulate the affairs of mortals.

In 513 Lin was the advisor to the Eladrin king Gaelen. Lin betrayed Gaelen during the Second Tower War, mudering him and allows the dracolich Korgax to enter the hidden city of Evermoor. Lin is granted lichdom and a position of favor in the Corpsetower

Some time before 867 Lin is gifted the Regalia of Evil by the Archdevil Dispater. With these artifacts his power eclipses Korgax and Lin names himself First Mage. Korgax surrenders the tower without a fight, knowing he cannot win. Lin launches The Third Tower War in 867 with the same goal as Azzadral’s first war, to seize The Root of the Wild and use its power. Lin’s war also fails and his spirit is banished by the Eladrin Queen Alliandre, but his phylactry is never found. The Regalia is split among the victors, the Eladrin take the Orb, the Humans take the Crown and the Elves take the Rod. Later the elves send the rod to Belsis so that it may be better hidden.

In 989 the Orb disappears from Evermoor.

Tan Lin

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