Vyrkraa Ra'Sirdra

Valsharess of Lloth'et, "The Bladequeen"


Vyrkraa Ra’Sirdra is the daughter of of Sevis Ra’Sirdra, the first Valsharess of the drow. Vyrkraa was driven from Lloth’et when Sevis was murdered by her sister Niconia. 50 years later Vyrkraa returns to Lloth’et with an army of drow, underdark mercenaries and demons. In The Siege of Lloth’et Vyrkraa kills Niconia and crowns herself Valsharess.

Vyrkraa is know for her cold, quiet demeanor. She is patient, careful and deadly. Vyrkraa is renowned for her skill with swords, most drow say there is no match for the Bladequeen in single combat. She wields two swords, Twisting Agony and Soulburner, which she claims she received from Lloth herself.

Vyrkraa often wears a black metal mask over the right side of her face. The right side of her face is severely scarred and the right eye is gone. This happened when her aunt Niconia tortured her after murdering her mother Sevis.

It is widely know that Vyrkraa despises her sister Lissera, but keeps her around as she regularly proves to be useful and often thinks in ways the Vyrkraa does not.

Vyrkraa Ra'Sirdra

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