The Shame

The Shame of Alluran, the spear that exiled the dragonborn

weapon (melee)

The Shame is currently broken and sealed inside a cylinder of crystal.


The Shame of Alluran refers to a time when Ullic Alluran refused to accept that he was unworthy to rule the city of Belsis. He somehow acquired this silver spear which has the power to kill a dragon with a single strike. No one knows where it came from or who created it, but Ullic used it to murder the dragon Bethshara and in so doing exile his people from the metalic dragons they lived with.

The spear was broken when Ullic was killed and the dragonborn sealed it in a cylinder of crystal.

Year later seers prophesied that someone will come to take the spear in a time of need. The dragonkin hold the Shame in a secret vault in Belsis waiting for the one who needs it.

The Shame

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