The Last Days of Ilam

Lord Gavorn's Party

Aware that they are walking into a trap they party still decided to go to Lord Gavorn’s party and confront him. Lord Gavorn begins the party by showing off a strange magical artifact. It is a small golden tetrahedron with intricate magical runes. He touches the artifact in a very deliberate pattern and a large bubble of darkness envelopes the estate.

In the ballroom the party fulls under the spell of a strange unearthly singer and fall into a sort of drunken haze. Gavorn begins to dance with Sariel and reveals that he knows who her father is and reveals himself to be the vampire Lord Strahd Von Zarovich After putting Sariel into some kind of trance he gets her to wield the rusted Orb. Rolan breaks free of the spell and fires arrows at the strange singer. But it is too late, Sariel lifts the orb and incinerates the ballroom crowd with black fire that pours from the orb. Vampires leap from concealed positions and the fight is joined.

The party fight through the ambush, but Sariel is once again bound to the orb. This time she cannot even let go of it. They find that the orb of darkness generated by the strange artifact prevents them from leaving. They search the mansion finding an underground catacomb. Upon entering the catacomb the hear Strahd arguing with one of his underlings. The underling wants to know why they don’t just kill the adventurers, but Strahs says that Sariel is far too important to him as “leverage.” Stahd leaves his underlings to fight the party and instructs them to bring him Sariel alive.

The party fights through the catacombs defeating Strahd’s minions. They find a study that contains records of the assassins guild that strahd’s lieutenant has been running. In the records they find that Rolan’s contract had been given for a sum of 5 astral diamonds. The ledger also mentions that his contract had been given to an assassin called “R.” They also find the means to disable the artifact, they do so and take it with them.

To Laketown

The party travels south to Laketown, commercial center of the remaining world. Upon arriving they find it crowed to bursting with activity. Investigating the warehouse they find it is owned by the Ravenwood Trading Company, one of Laketown’s larger trading outfits. They find it is run by a Lord Phillip Gavorn. Before they investigate further they find that they have all been invited to Lord Gavorn’s estate for a party. Clearly this is a trap.

Trials and Tribulations in Ironhome

Upon return to Oleg the party is payed for the wealth of artifacts they recovered. Oleg refers the party to the Chief Librarian George Argyle who can help them decrypt the mysterious map and lense. George is fascinated by the objects and agrees to work for them. Several days later the Ironhome guards arrest Rolan, accusing him of attempting to kill George. George’s home was broken into by an assassin that looked exactly like Rolan and stabbed the librarian with a poison dagger. George barely survived the stabbing but the poison is slowly killing him. And he in fact dies a few days later, but not after telling the party that he had translated the map.

After a trial the party successfully proves that Rolan did not kill George. They also recieve the translated map which shows a warehouse in Laketown. They set off to investigate.

The Mind Flayer Prison

The party approaches the large circular structure. Nearby they find an abandoned Troglodyte village. The village was abandoned recently, and there are signs of some kind of large fight. Approaching the structure they find the Trogs have put up a small field of totems that face the large metal door. The massive door appears to have been breach from the inside by something powerful enough to twist and possibly melt the metal doors. Inside they find the animated corpses of mind flayers and several magical guardians which are still active. After navigating the confusing concentric hallways they find the center. Strange crystals hook into strange devices which cause odd visions when touched. Using these the party determines that this place is a prison where the Illithid bring creatures from all over to study.

They also discover that the illithid had managed to trap and contain an Atropal (a stillborn godling) in the center of the prison. The Atropal broke free and killed all of the illithid, also leaving its corruption which managed to reach the Seeker tomb. The party opens several of the statis locked prisons, fighting the deranged horrors contained inside. One prison holds an Angel of the Raven Queen and several soldiers. The Angel reasons with the party and is allowed to leave. Also one of the prisons contains a young red dragon. The dragon offers a reward if it is allowed to go free, the party accepts.

The party returns to the surface and are met by Conner MacEwan who has important news for them. Upon resting however they find that it is not MacEwan but a Doppleganger assassin sent again for Rolan. Sensing defeat and capture the assassin leaps off the mountain to her death. The party finds some of the assassins items one of which is a strange map with writing that cannot be read. Also there is a strange lense with unkown magical properties.

Expedition into the Godswall

Through his thieves guild contacts Fred learns that the archeologist Oleg MacDougal has a contract for adventurers willing to go into the Godswall mountains. Oleg has some information that the famous explorer, Balin Stonefoot, is buried at a Seeker monastery that was buried in an avalanche many years ago. Oleg found the location of the buried monastery and wants the party to go there in search of any sign of Balin and any Seeker artifacts.

During the journey to the monastery the party is attacked again by Shadar-Kai assassins who have been following them. Upon reaching the monastery Sariel is nearly killed when she falls down mountain, nearly sliding off a cliff. The party manages to enter the monastery and unlocks the tomb underneath. Something has corrupted the place as it has been overrun with the undead. Eventually the party finds Balin’s body, his boots and his journal. The journal contains a detailed map of Balin’s journeys which is far more detailed than any known map of the godswall. Also they find that Balin had discovered the final resting place of the great dwarven hero, Murren “Steelarm” Feargus. Murrens remains are said to be at the highest Seeker monestary, higher than even Balin had gone to. It is said that Murren is buried with his legendary hammer, Regret. The party finds a small runestone which Balin claims in one of the keys to Murren’s resting place.

Delving further the party finds the tunnels and caves of carrion crawlers. They also find a nest and Fred steals several crawler eggs. Further in the party encounters Trolodytes battling the undead. The tomb breaks into the vast Underdark. The party stands on a cliff face over a luminous fungus forest, in the distance they can see an ominous circular structure.

Out of the Black Forest

While hopelessly lost, Rolan stumbles upon the lair a Black Dragon. The dragon is Azzadral, but Rolan does not recognize this. In conversation Azzadral tricks Rolan into revealing that the Root of the Wild is not dead. Azzdral did not know this and is quite pleased by the knowledge. He lets Rolan live and flies off.

Eventually the party and its guids are able to locate Rolan. Issan and Kelia are dismayed to learn of what Rolan has done.

The party journies back to Leah’s crossing to inform Conner MacEwan. Conner has set up defenses around town anticipating an attack which comes the next day. The town is defended and the goblin forced into retreat. Conner leaves to pursue them.

The party decides to go south as well, but first heads to Ironhome.

On the way to the Ironhome the party is attacked by Shadar-Kai assassins. The assassins have sketches of Rolan.

Into the Black Forest

The party meets local woodsman Issan and his wife the druid Kelia. The two agree to help the party track the goblins into the Black Forest. The forest is dangerous and is home to many malevolent spirits that trick unwary travelers. The giudes have a magic item that allows them to travel in the forest without getting lost.

On a hunch Fred asks Kelia about his dreams. Through ritual Kelia is able to dtermine the Fred is recieving vision from the Root of The Wild. The spirit in the tree will contact chosen people with visions from time to time. Kelia does not know what the dreams mean, but she advises Fred that they are very important.

In the forest the part find that to goblins are meeting with the orcs, apparently to set up some kind of alliance. Nearly all of the orc nations were decimated by the cataclysm, but apparently what remain have banded together in the black forest. The party successfully disrupts the meeting and recovers more information that indicates the goblins are part of a much larger force somewhere south of Laketown.

However the party gets separated and lost in the forest. Fred is able to gather Sariel and Rangrim, but Rolan remains lost.

Return to Leah's Crossing

The party returns to Leah’s Crossing and meets with Dwarven General Conner MacEwan. Conner has already had encounters with organized groups of goblins and is troubled by their movements. He agrees to stay and defend the town while the party goes north to find what the goblins are doing in the Black Forest to the north.

Journey to Ironhome

The party journeys west to the dwarven capital of Ironhome. There they hope to aid Sariel who has been cursed by the strange orb they found in the Tomb of Tan Lin. Also the mayor of Leah’s Crossing asks the party to deliver a request for aid to the dwarves.

Ironhome is swamped with refugees from eastern lands. The refugees have built a town ouside the cities walls. Entrance into the city is strictly controlled, but the party gain entrance.

Priests of Moradin are able to separate Sariel from The Orb. They reveal to Sariel that she is connected to the Orb because she is Tan Lin’s daughter.

They deliver the mayor’s message and the dwaves say they have someone in the area that they will dispatch to Leah’s Crossing to investigate the goblins.

The Tomb of Tan Lin

The party investigated the wooded area. They found odd signs, strange areas of dead plants and decay. They find a tomb entrance. The tomb features a large statue of Pelor that stands in a shaft of light. They find more decorations that seen to indicate that the tomb is for Pelor worshipers and priests, but something is off, the markings and decoration are slightly off.

Under the statue they find a passage to a lower tomb that reeks of rotting flesh. The party battles undead monsters in the tomb and finds that it is in fact the Tomb of the Lich Tan Lin. Further investigation reveals a massive iron sarcophegus that is empty. Nearby they find a rusty metal orb with a large crack. It appears to magic in some way, but they cannot determine how.

Upon returning from the tomb Fred begins to have strange dreams.

*He is underground and sees the roots of a massive tree, the roots groan and creek and seem to be speaking to them.

*He sees Rolan leading a great a army. Rolan is pierced through the chest with a silver spear, and rust flows from the wound.

*Sariel holds a glowing metal sphere, her hands are stripped of flesh and only the bones remain to hold the orb. Behind her is skelital figure, dressed in robes with an iron crown on his head. She drops the orb and shatters into dust.

*Far to the south a black and flowing shape heads towards a city with a great golden dome. Val’Tass the hidden city of the Eladrin.

The part notices Sariel has an odd fixation with the orb they found, she will not be parted with it. They fear it is cursed.


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