The Last Days of Ilam

The Goblin Cave

The party defeats the goblins and clears out the cave they had been using as a base.

During the battle they find the goblins are far more organized than usual. They find that the goblins have erected watch towers and fortifications. In combat the goblins form ranks and fight with military control.

The party finds a map of the immeadiate area with goblin markings. It seems they are quite active in the area and there is evidence that they are moving north toward the Black Forest for some purpose.

Upon returning to Leah Crossing the receive word that people have gone missing from a nearby wooded area.

Arrival In Leah's Crossing

The party has arrived in the town of Leah’s Crossing. The mayor of the town has issued a call for adventurers and mercenaries to guard against goblins, which have been robbing trade routes into town. The town resides in the Tyvorian Empire but has received no assistance from the Imperial Guard. Many in the town feel that they have been abandoned to the desert.

The town is half empty, many people have left, shops are boarded up and fields have grown wild. The Leah river has dried to a creek.

The party accept a contract from the mayor to investigate the goblin problems and clear out a cave that serves as a base.


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