It is not known exactly when the dragon built the city of Belsis. What is known is that Praetarus gifted the Draconis Lexecarum to the silver dragon Kevalia, who then used its powers to craft the city. Later the metalic dragons would create the dragonborn, a race that would share the city with them.

Belsis is by far the most beautiful and elaborate city on Ilam. The center of the city is a series of massive white towers. The great harbor is made from two massive walls that extend into the sea in a semi circle. The two walls have a gap that serves as the entrance to the harbor, at the ends of each wall near the gap are two huge lighthouses.

The daragonborn and the dragons lived harmoniously in Belsis until The Shame of Alluran. While the dragons left the dragonborn considered themselves to be exiled.

Belsis is completely destroyed by The Cataclysm.


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