Lloth’et is largest of the drow cities and serves as capital for the current drow empire under the rulership of Valsharess Vyrkraa Ra’Sirdra.

Lloth’et is partially surounded by a deep chasm that serves as a natural defense for the city. The section that is not is gaurded by a massive stone wall with large obsidian spikes. The city itself is a twisting maze of walls, towers and bridges. Lloth’et is typically a theocracy, with the priestesses of Lloth in control of the city. But recently one of the drow houses has become powerful enough to take power. In 763 when House Ra’Sirdra managed to assassinate many of the priestesses and force themselves into power. Sevis Ra’Sirdra crowned herself the first Valsharess of the drow. Her rule lasted until 905 when she was murdered by her sister Niconia. Niconia’s rule lasts only 50 years when Vyrkraa (Sevis’s daughter) returns to Lloth’et and kills Niconia in The Siege of Lloth’et.

Lloth’et is the center of commerce for The Underdark, duergar, illithid, and other underdark races come to the drow city to trade.

The Cataclysm has not had much effect on the drow. If anything it has made them bolder as they have conquered the duergar and they are once again invading into dwarven territory.


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