The Cataclysm

In 1037 ER life on Ilam was irrevocably changed. Massive earthquakes and tidal waves destroyed much of the land. The entire west coast of Ilam collapsed into the sea. The dragonborn city of Halsis was obliterated by massive waves.

Millions die in a matter of minutes.

After this day of disaster the planet of Ilam stopped, the sun remains fixed in the sky. The western half of the world has dried out and become a vast desert, the east has frozen under an endless sheet of ice. By 1145 the habitable area of the world continues to shrink, the remaining races on the surface grow more desperate as their world dies around them.

Prayers to the gods go unanswered. Oracles and soothsayers cannot see the causes, Mages and Elementalists cannot reverse the affects.

Many suspect The Corpsetower despite the fact that it too has been buried under the ice and its agent have not been seen for hundreds of years. Some say the gods have abandoned Ilam and left it to rot.

The Cataclysm

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