The Dragons of Ilam

Many historian believe that the dragons were the first life on Ilam. The eldest known dragon is the gold dragon Praetarus, despite this he is seldom seen among the other dragons. Each of the major breeds seems to have a leader, called the Progenitor.

Gold. Kerm. Despite Praetarus being the elder, Kerm is called the Gold Progenitor, no one knows why.

Silver. Kevalia.

Bronze. Atrus.

The metallic dragons lived as a single community and built the city of Belsis. It is said they created the dragonborn to share the city with. The metallic breeds split up after The Shame of Alluran.

Red. Maraxan.

White. Illendia.

Blue. Jarvis.

Green. Jin’al.

Black. Azzadral.

The chromatic breeds war with both the metalic breeds and each other. There seems to be some sort of power politics between them, but the rules and purpose are often a mystery.

The Dragons of Ilam

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