The First Tower War

The first tower war begin 211 ER. After building the Corpsetower (a task that took nearly a century) Azzadral strikes a bargain with the Archdevil Asmodeus. Azzadral indtends to seize the Root of the Wild and harness the power of the natural spirit within. In exchange for the archdevil’s aid Azzadral will use part of the power to open a massive portal so that the devil may gain a permanent outpost on Ilam.

Azzadrals army swells as news of his bargain spread to the evil races of Ilam. Azzadral leads an army of Devils, Trolls, Goblins, Orcs, Drow, Duergar and numerous other minor races. Alone the Elves of the Wildrun stand no chance.

However the gold dragon Praetarus learns of Azzadral’s plan. Praetarus warns the metalic dragons of Halris who then gather an army of their own. The dragons gather the dwarves, eladrin, halflings, dragonkin and even the minitaurs of the Black Forest.

The war lasts a year and a half. The destruction caused is massive. Azzadral’s army still outnumbers the allied races and he launches a two pronged campaign. The main force heads into the The Wildrun while a smaller force head to the The Steel Stair in an effort to prevent the dwarves, halflings and mintaurs from defending the elves.

The battle for The Steel Stair is bloody back and forth for 6 months. Changing from siege to outward assault to retreat and back to siege countless times. But the dwarven kind Braddok insists “All blood and all hope to the front!” The dwaves and their allies break free.

A year of fighting follows, huge stretches of the wildrun are burned and Azzadral nears within sight of The Root of The Wild. Braddok and Azzadral face eachother on the field, the mighty dwarf manages to put large cuts into the back dragons wings, crippling him. But Azzardral manages to strike the great king down. The allied races are enraged and launch a final desperate push. Azzadrals army crumples and routes.

Recovery from the first war takes generations. A force is gathered to try and push to the Corpsetower and destroy it. The last report from the attacking force is that they are a days march from the tower, they are never heard from or seen again, not a single soldier. A statue is built in Corellae to honor Braddok.

The First Tower War

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