The Kingdom of the Dwarves

The dwarven kingdoms run most of the length of the western slopes of The Godswall and extends deep underground. The capital is the city of Ironhome which is also the western end of The Underway. The Underway is a broad highway the dwarves maintain under The Godswall that exits at The Steel Stair. The underground road is the fastest was to get to the eastern side of The Godswall and so the dwarves charge a hefty toll to all foreigners who use it.

The dwarven kingdoms are ruled by a royal clan. Every 100 years the current clan must choose another clan to succeed it. For the past 500 years rule has been passed between the Quartzhammer and Aletapper clans. The current king is Karl Quartzhammer.

Dwarven society is dependent their elaborate system of clans. All dwarven men are required to submit themselves for military service when they are 13. Those that are rejected are often disowned by their clans. Clanless dwarves often seek homes in other lands.

The dwarves have weathered The Cataclysm better than most other races, given that much of their society is under ground. However the instability of The Tyvor Empire has caused large influxes of refugees that the dwarves are not prepared to handle.

The Kingdom of the Dwarves

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