The Shame of Alluran

Prior to 408 the dragon city of Belsis had been ruled by a single family, the Alluran. The metalic dragons would select one of the Alluran family to serve as the leader of Belsis In 408 the current leader Fenir Alluran died. Everyone expected that Ullic Alluran (Fenir’s son) would be selected to lead. However gold dragon Kerm announced that the Alluran family was no longer “worthy” of rule and that the dragonborn would select a council to rule the city.

Ullic, infuriated by the decision, leaves Belsis and does not return for 30 years. When he returns in 438 he bears a silver spear. Ullic demands to speak with Kerm. Kerms mate Bethsara meets Ullic instead. Ullic demands that he be given his birthright of leadership. Bethsara refuses repeating Kerm’s decree that the Alluran were no longer worthy. Ullic stabs Bethsara in the heart with the silver spear, it kills her instantly. Ullic’s spear has the power to kill a dragon with a single strike, he demands that leadership of Belsis be given to him.

The dragons are shocked by Bethsara’s death. With no announcement all of the metalic dragons leave Belsis and never return. Ullic declares himself leader, but the city refuses and sends the guard after him. Ullic is killed and the spear is broken.

The dragonborn do not attempt to contact the metalic dragons. They decided that they have been exiled for Ullic crime. The spear is named the Shame of Alluran and is encased in crystal. They keep the spear to remind themselves of their exile.

The Shame of Alluran

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