The Tyvor Empire

At its height the Tyvor Empire extended south from the Black Forest to the Crystal Sea, and from the Godswall in the east to the western ocean. The empire is composed mainly of humans and halflings.

The major cities are Laketown on the western side of Lake Miravor, Tvor City on the northern side of Miravor against The Godswall and Venar on the western coast of the continent.

Tyvor is ruled by the Tvor family, a hereditary line of emperors. The emperor has direct control of the army and leads the empires relations with other powers. The senate is composed mostly of lords who own the many provinces of Tyvor. In later times before The Cataclysm some provinces elected their senate representatives.

Much of the southern region of Tyvor is called The Halfling Protectorate. The Protectorate is a collect of halfling provinces and towns that peacfully accepted imperial rule in exchange for its protection.

The Imperial Guard is Tvor’s main army. Most of the Guard is professional soldiers, but conscripts are taken in wartime. Tyvor also has many knightly orders that serve in wartime. The orders are composed only of nobles and in peacetime they have more to do with politics than anything else. The most notable part of the Tyvor army is The Order of the Golden Rose, a group of elite soldiers that serve the emperor as his personal guard.

The races of Illam respected Tyvor as it was instrumental in winning The Third Tower War. However towards the year 1000, Tyvor’s rapid expansion had turned much of the respect into fear. Multiple minor conflicts erupted with the dwarves regarding the territory around Ironhome and The Godswall. A major war was brewing in the months before The Cataclysm

In The Cataclysm the city of Venar and all other towns on the west coast were totally destroyed. In the years that followed much of the farmland that fed the empire dried up and became desert. Much of Tyvors wealth and power were built on that farmland and the sea trade from the western coast. Without them Tyvor has been slowly loosing its control. Much of the Imperial Guard had to be disbanded as the empire could not afford to feed them. The Halfling Protectorate is now the empires main food source and has been place under martial law.

In 1129 the only heir to the throne, Uther Tyvor, went missing. His father Darrius is in poor health and is not expected to survive much longer.

The Tyvor Empire

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