The Underway

The Underway is a large highway the runs from Ironhome to The Steel Stair underneath The Godswall. The dwarves charge a significant toll to all foreigners who use the road. Nearly halfway along the road is the underground city of Deepwell.

The road is regularly patrolled and most caravans are required to take escorts. This is because the road can be very dangerous as monsters from the Underdark will occasionally come close to the road and drag off the unprepared. Often when young dwarves who are serving their required duty years they are sent to patrol the Underway. “Boys need to go into the dark to come back men.”

The drow have tried many times to take the road from the dwarves. They have succeeded a few times and have held the road for spans of a couple years, sacking Deepwell and many of the other underground towns. But the dwarves have always managed to drive the drow back and retake the road.

In recent years drow attacks have grown more frequent and have forced the dwarves to temporarily closed the road.

The Underway

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