Velvet Dagger

The Velvet Dagger is company of mostly drow mecenaries led by Lethris Ulshar.

Originally after Lethris was exiled the Dagger was a small group of assassins. After time Lethris managed to find other exiled drow. She expanded the Dagger into a formidable fighting force that includes umber hulks, driders, giants and even a small band of githyanki.

During a job where the dagger was hired by a human lord to clear out a band of ogres led by a fire giant, Lethris managed to discover that the giant had traped a red dragon. The dragon was Xecorra Darkfire. Upon freeing Xecorra, the dragon pledged her service to Lethris.

The Dagger takes on any job, but gets limited work on the surface as few people are wilng to trust a drow.

Velvet Dagger

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